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Back pain and children

Content from http://www.iosteopathy.org/your-health/back-pain-and-children/ Like adults, children can suffer from back pain as a result of a variety of lifestyle activities.  And like adults, there are number of things that parents and carers can do to prevent issues...

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Ouch! What to do when you sustain an injury

Article by iosteopathy Sprains and strains to muscles and joints happen to all of us and for most they are a painful, but temporary, reminder to be a little more careful. Prompt action can help your body to heal faster and may prevent further injury or prolonged pain....

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Testimonials from clients treated by the Stillpoint osteopath team

I booked an appointment for osteopath therapy with Peter Cockhill at Stillpoint following the personal recommendation of two close friends. I had been living with considerable pain in my shoulder on and off for four years. Even the simplest movement was painful. I was holding my upper body at an unnatural angle to protect myself from more pain and there was obvious muscle wastage. Following some benefit from surgery in 2009 I had still had to resort to regular steroid injections, frequent physio and the inevitable spectrum of painkillers. I have now had five osteopathy sessions with Peter and I am amazed at the transformation. I am virtually pain free, my posture is much improved and I have almost full movement of my shoulder and arm.

Mrs. F.B.

In December 2012 I consulted Peter with a painful and disabling shoulder problem. Using osteopathy he has worked on it with insight and skill controlling the pain very quickly and subsequently increasing the range of movement of the shoulder allowing me to return to swimming which has further increased the strength and mobility of the joint.

Thank you Peter for working in such a positive, patient and pleasant way.

Mrs. M.P.

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