Richard Royds

Richard trained in the early 1980’s in Five Element Acupuncture at the College of Traditional Acupuncture, graduating with a Licentiate of Acupuncture in 1984 and a Bachelor of Acupuncture in 1988.


My work began in London at the Traditional Acupuncture Centre, Waterloo, the largest acupuncture centre in Britain set up the year before by six acupuncturists trained in the Five Element tradition, where I treated from 1984 until its closure in 2010, due to the retirement of its directors.  I benefitted greatly from its particular atmosphere that derived from this commonly held understanding of our work- addressing the unique needs of each individual as a whole person in body, mind and spirit. Regular interaction with fellow practitioners of like mind on a weekly basis was also a source of valuable support. During my years in practice, I have enjoyed the opportunity to help very many people who have come to see me with a whole range of acute and chronic problems, stress related and otherwise, as well as for support through pregnancy and post-natal.


Treating the root to restore natural balance:

Traditional acupuncture is an holistic medicine, which means the practitioner focuses on and treats each person as unique. Such an approach recognises that all problems have an underlying cause. In consequence, treatment is aimed at the root of the condition, by stimulating the body’s own healing response and restoring its natural balance.


Healing body, mind and spirit:

Acupuncture treatment aims to correct any imbalance in the energy of a person and restore it to its natural state and flow, as well as to establish its rhythm with the natural cycles of day and night, the seasons, and the time of day. As the energy imbalances are corrected, the person’s body, mind and spirit start to heal.


“My spirit is tuned to the spring season: At the Autumn of the year there is autumn in my heart. Thus imitating cosmic changes, my cottage becomes a universe.”  Li Yun


I am starting at Stillpoint in the Autumn, represented by the Metal Element, which represents a new annual cycle, a new cycle seasonally, as well as daily, in the sense that the Lung meridian in Metal starts at 3am and is known as the ‘lead chi’ (energy) of the daily cycle.

I very much look forward to helping those who come for treatment in this special location. I also work at SOFEA Acupuncture Clinic in Harley Street London, as well as having a home practice in Freshford. Do see my website for further details, especially ‘Traditional Acupuncture’ and ‘Coming for Treatment’. You may also wish to see the comments of my patients under ‘Testimonials’ and check out the posts I have written under “Blog” that go into the relevance of the seasons to our health from a Five Element understanding.


Treatment Costs

Initial Consultation: £70 (2 hours)
Treatment: £50 (45 minutes to 1 hour)

Mobile: 07975 860 966
Telephone:  01225 723 857

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