Homoeopathy testimonials

I first consulted Richard after suffering a grand mal epileptic attack in March 2006. I had been treated successfully in the past for psoriasis, so was keen to use homoeopathy as I knew the cause was stress, and needed to be dealt with in order to release the symptoms. I knew that Richard had given me the right remedy within days, as I felt better and more positive. Over the next few months I noticed that I no longer needed to use my asthma inhalers and my period pain dropped from 8 to 2 out of ten. What a relief on both counts!

It took a few months for the epilepsy to subside, but subside it did and I have been clear now for over two years. I understand that this is not possible with allopathic medicine, which works only to suppress the symptoms. I feel confident that I have completely released this illness, am able to drive again and notice that I deal with emotional issues more creatively and assertively than before

Richard is a careful and empathic listener, I know I can be completely frank about my feelings and always feel supported and understood. I really appreciate his attention to detail and have complete faith in his judgment. I have referred many of my own clients to him, and always encourage them to consider homoeopathic treatment.

Fifteen years ago I decided that I needed to find a good and professional homeopath with whom I could build a therapeutic relationship. Someone I could trust with my health and the health of my family. I saw a few people and decided that Richard best fitted the bill. You immediately feel comfortable in his presence. He is intuitive and his knowledge of health issues as well as homeopathy is impressive.

Richard has successfully treated us over many years. I have even contacted him out of hours in times of emergency and he has always responded. For me this marks him out as someone who has a genuine concern for the good health of his patients.

Having Richard as my family’s homeopath feels like a safety net.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Homeopathy as a safe, effective, and most powerful treatment. I have been receiving Homeopathy for the last 12 years, having being first introduced to it by my then consultant in London. I started treatment with a very good Homeopathic Doctor in the Royal Bristol Homeopathic hospital, on her retirement I then found another superb Homeopath who was tremendous with a psychiatric background, and who helped me so much with my complicated medical conditions. When he died, I thought I would never meet any one as wonderful and as gifted as the two previous homeopath’s, and I went on to try a number of other homeopaths who I did not gel with, that is until I met Richard Napper, who is the most caring, and wonderful person one could ever meet.

I instantly knew on our very first meeting he was the one to fill my previous homeopaths’ places, I felt so comfortable and safe with him that I was able to open up immediately, because I felt I could really trust him, and I have learnt over the years that it is so important to formulate that bond of trust with one’s practitioner, in order to be able to have the most effective, holistic patient/practitioner relationship. A true professional in every way. Richard is very experienced in the field of Homeopathy and has helped me through some of the most difficult periods of my life. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as an excellent Homeopath and am so grateful to him for all the tremendous help and support he has given me over the years.

I have been seeing Richard for homoeopathy for several years during which time he has helped me through some very serious health issues. Each time I take a remedy I feel a change. Most immediately I feel more positive and able to cope, then gradually symptoms will improve. Richard also treats my children where results can be dramatic with acute illnesses resolving in hours. Even with my teenage daughter’s multitude of complex issues, Richard seems to find a remedy that works on several levels, not only physically but helping her through those trying emotional and mental problems of teenagers.

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