Sharon Rich

Reflexology and Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner

Sharon qualified in Reflexology in 1996. She had a successful practice for a number of years until withdrawing to focus more on family life. She continued to work with family and friends and has come back into the professional field in the last few years.

Her approach is holistic and client centered. She believes that her role is to facilitate a process of self-healing, working with each client as an individual, and using reflexology as a whole system therapy through which we can find the inner balance necessary for positive emotional and physical well-being.

Sharon qualified as a Registered Bach Flower Remedy practitioner in 2018 having used the remedies for many years in her personal life. By utilizing the subtle healing powers of the flower remedies Dr. Edward Bach developed a system through which he believed the individual could resolve emotional and spiritual discord and thus positively affect the body as a whole. This foundation belief aligns very much with Sharon’s own holistic approach to dis-ease.

As a practitioner, Sharon seeks to create a space in which clients can relax and feel nurtured. She believes that in an environment of safety and trust our bodies and minds can begin to open up their restorative powers of self-healing and regeneration.



Reflexology New Patient: 70mins £45 Follow-up: 50mins £40
Bach New Patient: 50mins £40 Follow-up: 30mins £30

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