Razia Sultana Khan BSc. (OST)

After qualifying with a BSc. Degree from the British School of Osteopathy in London in 1992, Sultana was pleased to work at the groundbreaking Osteopathic Centre for Children(OCC) and in other clinics in London. It was at the OCC that she first experienced the potential of osteopathy for treating a wide rang of conditions in addition to general physical aches and pains. She became particularly interested in combining more gentle subtle techniques with traditional approaches.

From 1995-1998 she was fortunate to work with eminent osteopaths Sue Turner and Stuart Korth, under whose mentorship she developed her skills to provide these gentle, safe and effective techniques for her patients. She has completed the post-graduate pathway at the Sutherland Cranial College (SCC) and has enjoyed spending time teaching on courses for qualified osteopaths from the UK and Europe.

In 1998 Sultana moved to Bath with her husband and started practicing at “Stillpoint”. She enjoys the challenges presented by patients in this busy dynamic practice, and has forged strong referral links with midwives, doctors and other healthcare practitioners. She runs a general osteopathic practice treating people with a wide range of conditions and of all ages from 0-100! Since having her two lovely daughters, she became fascinated by how well babies and children respond to osteopathy, and finds it very rewarding to see how treatment helps them become more settled, enabling them to reach their potential in development. She is also interested in supporting patients undergoing dental treatment including children having orthodontics.

Over the years she has experienced how osteopathy can be a complete system of supportive health care. Her patients often report an increase in general well being after she has treated them, and her greatest satisfaction is in helping her patients to move from physical dis-ease and to live their lives with ease through her treatment.

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