Steve Marsden

After completing a 3-years full-time training Steve qualified as a STAT approved teacher of Alexander Technique in 1985. He has taught for 15 years from various clinics, education centres and Alexander Technique teacher training centres and worked for a period in an NHS physiotherapy department.

Steve became interested in Alexander Technique due to problems with his own back. “I was living on a small-holding in Devon when I started having excruciating pains in my lower back and down my left leg. My GP referred me to a consultant who offered me pain killers, surgery or a wheelchair. As this prospect didn’t appeal to me I explored various other treatments which eventually led me to discover the Alexander Technique. Having lessons allowed me to live a pain free life again and help me to find a more balanced and effortless way of moving and being.”

In a lesson Steve will help you to explore everyday movements such as walking, sitting, standing and bending as well as look at how you use your mind and body in work activities or around the home. We will also explore your balance and movement in activities such as running, cycling, yoga, driving a car or playing a musical instrument or anything else you are interested in. You can also benefit from learning how to bend and use your legs and backs if you are pregnant and when lifting and carrying babies and young children.

We often use our minds and bodies in an imbalanced way with parts of our bodies being over tense and other parts being over relaxed. The mental effort we make, our attention and ways of thinking go hand in hand with the physical imbalance in our bodies. Many of these patterns are copied unconsciously at an early age from our family, peers and later from societal pressures.

Steve lives in Bath with his partner and one of his adult children.

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