Reflexology Testimonials

I would say that reflexology has made an overall benefit to my sense of well being. It has made a huge improvement to the length and quality of my sleep at night (I had been having problems for some years). The treatments have also been helpful in calming my on- going IBS.

I have an underactive thyroid and reflexology really seems to help things move along smoothly, speeding up my metabolism and kidney functions. It also helps with my general well-being and my sleep patterns which tend to be disturbed. I now enjoy better sleep and a much more relaxed attitude to life.

I have noticed a definite improvement in reducing the odema and feelings of congestion in my ankles and an overall feeling of well being after treatment. Chris has very sensitive and supportive hands so I have always felt confidence in her. She has a relaxed and confident professional manner and is able to put me at ease.

“I was taking my A level examinations and finding it quite stressful. I didn’t know what to expect initially has I had not had reflexology before. After having treatment I found that I felt much more relaxed while taking my exams. My mind was much clearer and I felt energised too. I would certainly recommend reflexology.

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